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Fundraiser for RBI Austin

RBI Austin is a collaboration between Total City Sports and the Major League Baseball association. It is a youth outreach program designed to revive baseball in inner cities. Anyone can join and the fee is $10/child but if this is difficult to reach, RBI Austin will work with the family. More can be found here at their website, http://www.totalcitysports.org/rbiaustin.html.

Anyhoo..... The Pizza Hut at 8500 N. Lamar is doing a fundraiser night for RBI Austin. Redeem the flyer below with your pizza purchase and Pizza Hut will donate 20% back to RBI Austin.

July 12th is also the night of Major League Baseball's All-Star game so it's a good opportunity to order pizza, watch some baseball and support a good cause!

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Oh and if you would like to join the summer league, there is still time. Just let me know and I can get you more info. :)

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