benson (benson3) wrote in austin_texas,

Designer Fabric Liquidation

I am in Austin to finish liquidating my collection of fine designer fabrics. I have luxurious Venice Lace trims in black, I also have Venice Lace appliqués!
I have zippers, trims of other types, buttons (including an awesome collection of black glass mourning buttons from circa 1800's through 1920's)
I also have fox fur stoles and other furs that were used as accessories in photo shoots, for sale.
I have a very nice selection of high quality black stretch laces as well as a nice collection of garment quality PVC!

Along with the fabrics I have a dozen Viking Husqvarna sewing machines for sale.
I have a few other assorted models as well.

Please email me at if you would like to come to our final weeks of Liquidation Sale!
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