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Purple lanterns and hand fans! [24 Mar 2013|03:46pm]

Need some purple stuff to decorate your wedding or party?

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Missing cat in Leander [20 Dec 2011|09:09pm]

My cousin's cat is missing in Leander. She was last seen in the Block House Creek neighborhood. If you see her please let us know.

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FOUND DOG [18 Nov 2011|12:22pm]

This little guy was found on Parkfield Dr (north Austin) at around 10pm, 11/16/2011. If you know this chihuahua or know someone who is missing one, please have them contact me.

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[30 Aug 2011|06:22pm]

Hi there! My name's Katy and I'm looking to recommend someone for a 12 month lease for a 711sq ft, 1 bedroom in South Austin. Rent is $846 and includes the following amenities: full washer/dryer, walk in closet, 9 foot ceilings, central air, dishwasher, garbage disposal, gourmet kitchen, microwave, private entrances (much like having your own townhome!), and track lighting. This apartment complex also has its own dog park, swimming pool, hot tub, DVD rentals, 24-hour emergency maintenance, gated entrance, community wifi/community business center, outdoor grilling area, a beautiful clubhouse with a fitness room, access to a kitchen which is always stocked with goodies, and a helpful, friendly staff. Many of the people that live here are college students or young professionals, so it's perfect for someone that's just starting out in the adult world. :) There's also plenty of restaurants, H.E.B, Walmart, Target and a cineplex within a mile, so there's lots to do without venturing out too far! Downtown Austin is a 10 minute drive away.

Large images of apartments and community under cut...Collapse )

Basically, I'm looking for someone to sign their own 12 month lease and move into my apartment. This does not mean you will be taking over *my* lease -- you will have your own. I unfortunately need to leave Austin because I've found a better paying job in another city, but I need to recommend someone to do it! Help a girl out, yeah? :) If you'd like more information or pictures of my apartment, please don't hesitate to ask. If you could pass this along to anyone you know that's looking for an apartment, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks guys, and I hope to hear from you soon!
- Katy
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[26 Aug 2011|10:11am]

APA Rummage Sale!
When: Sat, August 27, 8am – 4pm
Where: 2807 Manchaca Road (map)
Austin Pets Alive will be holding a RUMMAGE SALE on Saturday 8/27/11 from 8am -
4pm at the main headquarters, 2807 Manchaca Rd off of S. Lamar.


We will have household items, pet supplies, clothing, jewelry & more!

Please come early and bring CASH!! All proceeds benefit the animals rescued by Austin Pets Alive!
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New Fabric Store! [09 Aug 2011|05:29pm]

[ mood | calm ]



Designer fabrics at deep discount prices.

We have the hook up for the fabric junkies!

10 AM - 10 PM

2605 Jones Rd - D, Austin, TX 78745

Phone 512-212-4733

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TRUE BLOOD viewings [17 Jul 2011|05:17pm]

for fans with out HBOP tonight

JOs coffee shop on 2nd street

Canary Roost on Metric and gracy- right near ACC Northridge!
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Fundraiser for RBI Austin [07 Jul 2011|04:55pm]

RBI Austin is a collaboration between Total City Sports and the Major League Baseball association. It is a youth outreach program designed to revive baseball in inner cities. Anyone can join and the fee is $10/child but if this is difficult to reach, RBI Austin will work with the family. More can be found here at their website, http://www.totalcitysports.org/rbiaustin.html.

Anyhoo..... The Pizza Hut at 8500 N. Lamar is doing a fundraiser night for RBI Austin. Redeem the flyer below with your pizza purchase and Pizza Hut will donate 20% back to RBI Austin.

July 12th is also the night of Major League Baseball's All-Star game so it's a good opportunity to order pizza, watch some baseball and support a good cause!

crossposted to austinparents
Oh and if you would like to join the summer league, there is still time. Just let me know and I can get you more info. :)
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Designer Fabric Liquidation [10 May 2011|08:20pm]

I am in Austin to finish liquidating my collection of fine designer fabrics. I have luxurious Venice Lace trims in black, I also have Venice Lace appliqués!
I have zippers, trims of other types, buttons (including an awesome collection of black glass mourning buttons from circa 1800's through 1920's)
I also have fox fur stoles and other furs that were used as accessories in photo shoots, for sale.
I have a very nice selection of high quality black stretch laces as well as a nice collection of garment quality PVC!

Along with the fabrics I have a dozen Viking Husqvarna sewing machines for sale.
I have a few other assorted models as well.

Please email me at mange.la.mode@gmail.com if you would like to come to our final weeks of Liquidation Sale!
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New Housecleaning business in town. [22 Mar 2011|08:49pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

(Hope this is ok-I'm just helping out my friend.)

So my friend and a partner are starting their own house cleaning business here in Austin. Right now their Facebook page is their website. It is viewable to all and has their contact information on the info page.
Give them a call and "like" their profile page if you do Facebook.

" Very affordable housecleaning. No job is too big or too dirty, and we don't
pass judgement. We are just interested in helping out and making a
little cash. We will also work for barter in the right situation."

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Registration Closing Soon for the the GCI! [18 Mar 2011|12:18am]

Hey cheese poofs!

Are you the Missionary Master, simple but by no means easy?

Are you the Kama Sutra Knight, able to thrill with your complexity and ingenuity?

Are you the Honey of the Honeypot, sweetening hearts and minds?

Are you the Lambada Lethario, thrilling with your southern charm?

The Grilled Cheese Invitational Registration CLOSES
March 24th (THURSDAY) at 8:00pm

If you don’t register, you can’t compete. [You must register for every category you want to compete in] If you don’t compete, you aren’t in the running for awesome trophies! Or the admiration of your friends! You will have lost the chance to say that you are a F***ing Grilled Cheese Champion!

Cheese Please:Collapse )
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3rd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational-March 26th! [20 Feb 2011|08:29pm]

Bread, Butter, Cheese, Victory!

3rd Austin GCI!


It is with nearly-orgasmic pleasure that I tell you registration is open for the

3rd (mostly) Annual Austin GRILLED CHEESE INVITATIONAL!

The cheese will flow on SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2011

All the gouda details:

All the gouda details!Collapse )
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CLK YARD SALE - 4 years in the making!!! [30 Nov 2010|10:51am]

Hey, Austin Peeps - I'm finally getting around to doing it. And because I haven't done it in, oh, over four years, you just know I have a lot of shiny primo schtuffs saved up to trade for your crumply paper money.

YARD SALE - Sat Dec 4th, 8am - 2pm at 920 Cardinal Lane in beautiful South Austin 78704. Awesome women's clothes, shoes, hats, costumes; musical instruments and cds, dvds, books, furniture, sewing machine w/table, lamps, curtains, linens, tools, bike, art supplies, masks, objet d'art and the ever popular "much much more!"

Come on down! I might even manage some coffee and breakfast tacos. But definitely schtuff. Shiny, shiny schtuff you will want to take to your house (or someone's house, but away from my house ;)
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Plain fried rice in Austin: a pipe dream? [05 Nov 2010|03:22pm]

Anyone know a Chinese place in south Austin that does plain fried rice? Most places have been confused by my request and say they don't do it, as if they've never heard of someone getting it without the vegetables. Surely this is not so strange? Thanks for the help.
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Freak Homecoming Dance! Tomorrow Night [05 Nov 2010|01:29pm]

Remember Homecoming? Well, now you get a redo with all the good parts and none of the crappy parts!

Freak Homecoming!

Please come to our dance where you get to shake your bootie and hang out with your homies.

Saturday, November 6 at 7:00pm - 1:00am

This Year's Theme:
2010: A Space Oddity

What do we mean redo?
Dress Up! or Don't!
Bring a Date! Or 3! Or celebrate Single Awesomeness!
You can get your booze from the cash bar instead of drinking crappy punch!
King and Queen of Homecoming chosen through Science!

**We will have a cool door prize for most unique Mum!

$10 at the Door or $7 by pre-order.
From now through 11/05 at noon CST you can pre-pay (non-refundable) for your ticket by using paypal.

Please paypal $7/ticket to xtc@gigsville.org
Please include the first and last name for all attendees.

The Moose Lodge
2103 E M Franklin
Austin, TX

**If you would like to help volunteers are appreciated and get in free!

Can’t wait to see ya’ll!

-XTC and her awesome homecome ing committee

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[01 Nov 2010|11:49am]

Where is a good (preferably cheap) place to buy a car stereo and get it installed?
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[31 Oct 2010|12:38pm]

Does anyone here attend Austin Community College and if so, how is it? What kind of degree are you pursuing? I'm looking into job training programs that could help me get a clerical job or something of that nature. I have a totally useless liberal arts degree and I'm tired of my shitty job and being poor, so I'm thinking of going to community college if it makes me any more employable. I know a lot of people go to community college with the intention of transferring to a 4 year university (which is what I should've done, probably) but I've noticed you can take courses to get certified as an administrative assistant or something of that nature. Thoughts?

I was going to go to graduate school but I doubt I can get into any programs with a cumulative 3.2 GPA and also I don't feel comfortable investing tons of money in it considering I already have almost twenty thousand dollars in student loans to pay off (and I've been paying mostly interest on it for the past five years, apparently).
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h'lo Austin [06 Oct 2010|10:14pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Greetings, kids.

I just moved here yesterday, and am currently staying with a kind friend/crashing couches/living out of my car until I can make enough money to get settled. I am looking for any kind of job (I have an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies and half of a Master's in Library and Information Science), and am also wondering about services for homeless or impoverished people. Do y'all have any suggestions on some good web resources for finding out about the different services offered here? What about bartering services with other people as well, is there a program for bringing those people together here? And how in the world do you search the Texas gov't jobsite for specifically state-based jobs?

Thank you very much,

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Shoujo Manga/Anime fans? [27 Sep 2010|09:19am]

Hi folks! I'm currently working on bringing together a bunch of Austin-ites that happen to be fans of shoujo or josei manga and anime. I know there are plenty of anime fans in the area, but I was really looking to find those who are interested in this particular niche.

Are there any fans of shoujo/josei titles - that is, titles aimed at girls and women?

Thanks for your time!
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Thousands of women's clothes on sale today - for breasts! [28 Aug 2010|11:52am]

We are sponsoring a fundraiser today, from 10-4, of nothing but women's clothes, shoes and accessories! Almost everything is $1-4 each, and there's easily 2000-3000 items all told. We've got everything from XS up through 3-4X availble, so come on out and support breasts! 100% of proceeds go directly to Susan G Komen, sponsoring walkers in the 3 Day this fall. And we're also giving out coupons for 20% off a single item at Venus Envy to all that purchase/donate!

The Vortex, 2307 Manor (about 1 mile east of UT), 10-4!
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